Author supervision


Author supervision and overall execution by IXDesign Studio

The author’s supervision means visiting the site in the steps indicated in the “Prices” section and consulting on the implementation of the approved interior project. Thus, the exact and correct implementation of the projects is guaranteed, leaving no room for error.

That is why experience, dedication and sometimes quite strong nerves are required for the implementation of the plans.

But even with the most strictly implemented author’s supervision during the development of a project, unplanned situations always arise. Our long-standing practice allows us to be extremely flexible and quickly find solutions for them. Knowing the most common problems in construction and repair works gives us the opportunity to anticipate and prevent them.

You can count on our experts to implement interior design projects in Sofia, the country and abroad. In this way, you will have the opportunity to use your time in the best way for you and be with your loved ones.


Author supervision and overall execution in interior design

The author’s supervision in interior design is among the most important stages in the realization of any interior project. It includes a number of specific activities that guarantee the clients of IXDesign Studio in Sofia, the country and abroad, that they will get realized exactly what they approved on a drawing.

Because of the responsibility and the many parties involved in this process, it is correct to enter into a contract for design and copyright supervision. This document clearly states the responsibilities of each of the parties and the rights of customers are maximally protected. The best results are obtained when the project manager, the architect, the designer and the construction and assembly contractor have many years of experience in organizing and implementing similar projects.

No interior design project can be realized without author’s supervision. We will be happy to help you realize your plans, guaranteeing with our name and experience the entire process – from the preparation of the project to the implementation of the author’s supervision in the interior design.


Author supervision and overall execution in exterior design

IXDesign Studio offers a complete cycle of services in the field of interior and exterior design in Sofia, the country and abroad.

We prepare a project, exercise author’s supervision and complete execution in the exterior design and are with our clients until the complete implementation of the approved project. So you can completely trust us to implement your ideas and change the interior or exterior of your home, office or other property.

We have completed numerous exterior design projects including railings, stairs, fences, canopies, architectural designs and more. You can see a small part of our work in the “Portfolio” section.

In the entire process of working relationships with our clients, we strive to provide maximally personalized services and to be completely transparent in our activities. That’s why we offer a clear and affordable contract for each of our services – from design to a contract for author supervision and overall implementation. But we never forget that the promise given to our customers remains the most binding and responsible.


Complete execution – service prices from IXDesign Studio

If you are interested in pursuing full execution and service pricing from IXDesign Studio for interior and exterior projects, we can provide you with a specific quote upon completion of the final project. The minimum square footage we offer is 10 sq. m.

The price for complete implementation is formed depending on the complexity of the project and the required average hourly time for organization, implementation and control of the construction and repair works. We consult our clients in advance, and we also fix all responsibilities and the price for complete implementation in a contract for the activity.

We try to offer quality performance and a market price for this service to our customers in Sofia, the country and abroad.

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