Time for a change!

We at IXDesign offer complete interior design and complete exterior solutions. Our goal is to respond specifically to all your needs, namely:


Conceptual design

It is the foundation on which is drawn up detailed design for the interior design. It is fully compliant with the design visa. The purpose of the conceptual design in an interior design is to shape the overall look of the room. The aim is to achieve the maximum ratio between the usable area of the individual objects and the square of the common parts, taking into account the best exposition, dimensions, design of the separate functional zones, etc. The interior design project is fully in line with the client’s ideas.


Working project

It is designed on the basis of a preliminary architectural or interior design project. It is the final phase in design. It provides parts: architectural, structural and technological, electrical and plumbing installations, heating and ventilation, gasification, telephony, etc., as well as vertical layout and external connections. A project for organization and execution of construction is also being drafted. Each part contains an explanatory note, a graphic part and a quantitative account for interior design.



The main functional zones are allocated as well as the functional distribution of each of the zones. A major part of any interior design project. The individual groups of furniture are schematically applied. This part of the interior design project gives you a clear answer about your idea of some furniture and their interaction in space. At this stage, interior and architectural changes are also made to the premises, if necessary. Some rooms allow for more functional layout options. The client chooses the option that will continue to be used, with the help of the consultations of his designer, to make the interior design project a reality.