For individual preparation of an offer for interior design, please send an inquiry to our e-mail. We will contact you to make an appointment and meet your wishes. The preparation of an offer takes a maximum of 3 working days, after providing drawings or taking exact dimensions from the site.
Yes, IXDesign specializes in the preparation of individual interior design projects at the request of the client. We have a serious technique for visualizing projects. We specialize in 3D design and countering. –
? It strongly depends on the type of project – apartment, part of an apartment, office, restaurant, public space and more. In the most common case, this takes about 20-30 days. It all depends on the time our clients spend looking at our options and deciding what changes will be made. The time for preparing a project is not related to the implementation of the project!
Yes! We can prepare an interior project without it being tied to its implementation on our part. You can also take advantage of our subcontractors. Please note that if you have chosen the “Light” package – which does not include working drawings and want to hire us for a complete implementation, which is done only with partners and subcontractors of IXDesign, you may need to prepare additional working drawings at need, which is paid extra.
Yes! IXDesign enjoys preferential prices from many contractors! You can send us a direct inquiry for prices of electrical appliances, building materials, wooden panels, lighting fixtures, decorations, curtains and drapes, sound equipment, manufacturers of furniture, flooring and more
Each IXDesign customer has the opportunity to pay by bank transfer, credit or debit card at a POS terminal or in cash. IXDesign offers consumer financing through TBI Bank. –
The price is determined on the basis of sq.m. net area – IXDesign does not take the squaring of walls, columns, etc. The prices of the packages offered by IXDesign do not include VAT.
All photos in the “Gallery” section are the absolute copyright of IXDesign and their use without the express permission of IXDesign is considered a crime. All photos used in the “Blog” section and other pages of the site are for non-commercial purposes and are intended to illustrate the topic described in the blog post or page.
Yes! IXDesign provides its customers with the opportunity for a completely “online” design project for interior design! All this is possible thanks to our platform, in which each client can follow all the phases in the preparation of the interior design project. All you have to do is send us an inquiry!
You need to send us by e-mail an architectural drawing of the room or a “sketch” with all sizes + photos on all sides of the room. * Important – IXDesign is not responsible if the dimensions provided by you in the architectural drawings and / or “sketches” do not match the real situation of the room after its finishing works! * Important – In the event of an emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic, IXDesign takes dimensions from the room only when absolutely necessary. Preliminary arrangements and compliance with the following requirements are required for sizing: – There can be no more than 3 people in the room. – Before entering the room, an IXDesign employee will be disinfected, put on a protective mask and gloves. – Observance of a distance of 2 m. is a must! – All kinds of handshakes are forbidden!