Interior design

5 Reasons to Hire a Designer!

Want a modern home but find it difficult to decorate it yourself? Have you ever gone to visit friends and stay enthralled by the modern and practical interior design of their home? What is their secret? Here are 5 reasons to take advantage of professional home design instead of tackling it yourself:


Студио за интериорен дизайн

Have ideas how you want your dream home to look like but don’t fully imagine it? A common occurrence. Do not lose hope, you are not an interior design specialist. Just rent one. This is the person who will transform your visions into images and through drawings will turn your desires into reality. The job of the designer is to get into the client’s ideas about interior design by learning about his psychology. The next step is to be presented with a complete interior design project that fits your identity perfectly.


Интериорен дизайн на апартаменти

Family and work take up most of our time and find it difficult gap to go around shops tiles, furniture workshops and centers for lighting. 80% of people who decide it’s repair time are panicked by all the paperwork associated with it. Choosing paint, materials and appliances are just a part of the interior design universe we need to be aware of before we get started. The interior design project gives you the time to devote to the important things as your designer begins to find the best quality materials.



Have you done any repairs so far? Or did you do it, but it did not work out as you imagined it because the ideas for interior design did not come to fruition completely? One cannot understand everything. Experience is what underpins professionalism. With a number of completed projects behind your back, your designer not only knows perfectly the whole process of interior design, but can also rely on the problems and their solutions at work. Experience facilitates the work process and also enhances the quality of work. This is the key to the dreamy interior design.


Интериорен дизайн на спалня

Any repair takes place in several stages:

• Choosing a project for interior design.

• Hiring of masters to repair the interior design project (builders, electrical engineers, plumbing, air-conditioning, joinery, door company, etc.)

• Monitoring the performance and quality of each of the crews during repair.

• Touring furniture stores, researching electrical appliances, decoration studios, etc.

• Organizing the sequence of each of the above activities.

• Finding a solution to a problem at work (97% of the time).

• Lastly, the most unpleasant phase – cleaning after repair and bringing your home to life as it was presented to you in the interior design project. If all this seems a nightmare to you – you are neither the first nor the last. Your designer can offer you a complete service, including any of the points above or, briefly, complete project management of the desired interior design – from the first meetings with the client to the issue and cleaning of the room.


Интериорен дизайн на хол и кухня

The last one – the budget. How much are you willing to spend to transform your room into something new and modern? Referring to item 3 (Experience), there may be a lot of extra costs that will weigh up your budget, since you are not familiar with where to shop, how many materials you will need, which companies to hire, etc. Trusting a designer, he will try to fit into your budget and get the best value for money to make your interior design look like you always dreamed of.

Here are 5 reasons to hire an interior design specialist for your home. They are based on long observations of the process of work and the psychology of our clients. Before the next repair do not hesitate to hire a professional for your interior design!