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For individuals

you are an enthusiastic person who did not bother to communicate with strangers? You know how to sell and have a slight knowledge of design; repair work or you are just an artistic person. We are looking for you! IXDesign offers you a partnership! No matter your location, you can earn extra income without spending a lot of time. For each client who came from you and signed a contract for the development of an interior design project with IXDesign, you will receive a well-deserved commission, without really knowing in detail the depths of the design. Introduce yourself by filling out the contact form below.

How does IXDesign work with individuals? 
– Everyone who provides a client to IXDesign will receive a well-deserved commission based on% of the total amount of the contract immediately – the day after receiving the advance payment. The commission is paid in full at the beginning of the work, you do not need to worry about the work process – your activity ends when you sign a contract for an interior design project!

How does the system work?  

– very simple – you contact IXDesign on one of the specified e-mails with the name of the client, which will be provided by you. IXDesign will reflect this when signing a contract with this client – you will receive your commission! Elementary!

* In the event that a customer is referred to IXDesign by several different physical partners of IXDesign – the commission is received by the one who provided the customer first, after the customer signs a contract.  

Is there a way to “skip” you? 
– Of course! But this is not a policy of IXDesign! For over 25 years of history, we hold on to our name and reputation and it is unacceptable for us to neglect our partner! Trust is a driving force in this type of activity and in the absence of it on both sides, future joint work loses its meaning. Think about working with us, as when you give exclusive rights to a real estate broker to sell exclusively a property only he / the company.

Do you need to understand interior design? 
– no! You must be able to sell, leave the design to us – the professionals!

If a client provides you and you sign a contract with him for the development of an interior design project and I receive the commission, will I receive a new one if the same client looks for you again in the future for another site? 
– of course not! This is not possible to provide it sell the fact – it is untraceable for you – we with this client subsequently whether we have continued to work together. If you are looking to provide a client to IXDesign – be it a construction company, investor or private individual and then stop your customer search business and wait for each future project to receive a commission, then IXDesign is not a good partner for you – we recommend that you go to another company / activity.


Will you receive promotional materials in order to better present IXDesign and our business? 
– of course! If you are interested and serious in your ambitions to earn extra money, as our partner we will make an appointment in the office of IXDesign and provide you with promotional materials. You can download the IXDesign presentation here:

* We recommend that you read it to get an idea of IXDesign and it can be very useful when presenting the company. 

Will IXDesign monitor whether we are looking for customers if we become a partner of IXDesign?

– no! We leave this to you, because there is nothing obligatory here – it is your decision and you decide whether to be active, how much time you will spend on this activity and whether you like the conditions for working with IXDesign.  


Can I contact IXDesign with questions and concerns? 
– Of course! IXDesign is always there to explain something you don’t know and to help you – we have the task of providing us with as many customers as possible, because that way you will receive commissions.

What is the privacy policy between IXDesign and its partners? 
– absolutely all customer information is a company secret and against the rules and laws to be provided to others!

Will you give us guidelines – where and how to look for clients?
– No, this is your part of the business. If we give you guidelines and tell you who to turn to, your activity becomes meaningless. Here you have to show creativity and desire to work in a professional environment.


Can you opt out of being a IXDesign partner? 
– of course! You can stop working with IXDesign at any time, and this has absolutely no consequences – legal and moral.

Is this activity suitable for you?
– Here you have to decide and determine. IXDesign cannot determine this. You know what type of person you are and whether you can handle it and most importantly – are you motivated?

Do we need more information at this stage of IXDesign to become their partners?
– in our opinion – no, but you will judge whether the questions and answers have satisfied you or you have additional ones. You need to send us a message that you are interested and want to become a partner of IXDesign, so that we can log in to our system with partners and create an account where we will describe all future potential customers provided by you, as in the first customer provided. we will give you access and the information will be absolutely open between IXDesign and you! We want all our activities to be as transparent as possible, both for our clients and for our partners!


For companies

you are a company that offers products that you think will appeal to apply to our business? You can present your company, products and conditions by filling out the contact form below.

How does IXDesign work with legal entities? 
– Every company that wants to work with IXDesign must send a message so that we can enter it, and the message must contain information about the company’s activities, products and / or services offered by it, a presentation of the company with a link to the site and partner offers including preferential prices for IXDesign, working conditions, etc.

Is your company / activity suitable for IXDesign?  

– Here you have to judge for yourself. If you consider, based on the presentation of IXDesign which you can find here, that your company offers products and / or services that would be useful for IXDesign and will be of interest, in that case – yes! We are looking for you!  

* Important – IXDesign pays special attention to providing samples of materials and others in order to present you and your products to its customers! This will be in your favor and our and our customers’ convenience. We are reluctant to introduce you by showing your products by logging into our site – this shows distrust of IXDesign and instantly our customers lose interest and therefore can not be of maximum use to you. 
* Companies / activities that cannot be presented through samples are NOT valid – type: electrical appliances, lighting fixtures, etc., but it is not excluded to provide us with catalogs!

Is there a way to be mutually beneficial? 
– Of course! This is the main idea! You provide us with preferential products and / or services at preferential prices, and we generate turnover for you – so both parties benefit and create a long-term partnership and trust, which is extremely important for IXDesign!

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