We are pleased to present you the service - VR presentation with VR headset on any room, with any price package! *

What is it?

The VR presentation is the only way to accurately and realistically recreate scale and space. Thanks to the latest generation of software and VR glasses, we give you the opportunity to examine in detail each room of your home or office on a project. In this way we exclude all hesitations and discrepancies regarding suitable colors, furniture or flooring. With the help of VR you get a real idea of ​​texture and light, depending on the season and weather conditions. See the digital revolution in interior design! How it works? You put on the VR glasses. * The offer is valid until 31.12.2020.

In case you have decided to use the services of an interior designer, you can reserve an appointment for a consultation before buying a home, where we will give you key advice. You will also be able to benefit from our contacts of qualified real estate brokers. The amount of the consultation is deducted when concluding a contract with IXDesign for the preparation of an interior design project.

Site consulting is a service that is free of charge for customers with homes, offices and establishments on the territory of the city of Sofia. You can reserve an appointment for a free inspection, during which we will get to know you and the specifics of the room, we will photograph it and take accurate measurements. After that, we will prepare an offer that exactly meets your needs.

Overall measurement of an object and its drawing in 2D version. When booking an appointment for a free viewing, this service is included.

A 3D visualization is a computer generated photorealistic image of an apartment, office or establishment. We work with the latest generation software and offer high-quality 3D visualizations, 360-degree panoramas, VR images, project animations and virtual tours.

A furniture project is a complete preparation of all the necessary drawings, including dimensions, sections and additions, necessary for direct assignment of execution by a furniture maker – external or provided by IXDesign.

It is the basis on which the working project for interior design is compiled. It is fully compliant with the design visa. The purpose of the concept project in an interior design is to shape the overall look of the room. The aim is to achieve the maximum ratio between the useful area of the individual objects and the square footage of the common parts, taking into account the best exposure, dimensions, the design of the separate functional areas, etc. The interior design project is fully tailored to the client’s ideas.

It is developed based on the conceptual architectural project or the interior design project. It is the final phase in the design. It includes parts: architectural, structural and technological, electrical and plumbing installations, soffit plan, HVAC, gasification, telephony, etc., as well as vertical planning and external connections.

Production of additional drawings during the implementation of an interior design project.

We provide each client with samples of wooden panels, granite, marble, artificial stone, a palette of different paints of different manufacturers, types of glass, metals, etc.

Every project made by IXDesign includes a bill of quantities for complete implementation. Prices are calculated based on the prices of IXDesign partners.

IXDesign studio provides its clients with high-quality interior design with extensive experience! We specialize in creating modern and clean interior design for apartments, offices and restaurants.

We design railings, stairs, visors, fences, exterior design and architectural projects.

IXDesign provides complete project implementation. From meeting with a client and taking measurements, through preparation of an interior design to its complete implementation by IXDesign partners. With turnkey service, we fully commit to the project – visit factories, buy materials, arrange all deliveries, store all products until it’s time to install, keep in constant contact with all subcontractors, etc. It is calculated only after an interior design project has already been completed and an offer has been received from IXDesign subcontractors.
The price is between 20 and 24% (according to the complexity of the project) of the sum of all bids received.
According to the offers – the prices are with or without VAT.

IXDesign is the first interior design studio in Bulgaria that offers consumer financing up to BGN 30,000. for individuals and up to BGN 50,000. for legal entities!

Approval in 2 minutes!*

To apply, please contact IXDesign on the indicated phones or e-mail

IXDesign – first with a mobile application, through which you will be able to follow the progress of your project!

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