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the first interior design studio in Bulgaria to offer consumer financing with
consumer financing up toBGN 30,000 for individuals and up to BGN 50,000 for legal entities, approval up to 2 minutes! *

virtual design

IXDesign – the first with a mobile application, through which you will be able to monitor the stage of your project!
Ръководство за създаване на профил, за следене статус на проект

IXDesign designs desires, completely.


• Imagine an interior design that exactly suits your creativity. You already have all our attention.

• The home will be a villa, the garage – a shop, the restaurant – an office. Or vice versa? We have the desired effect of the right interior design solutions. Specifically for you.

• Designing functionality in aesthetics, we will fit perfectly into the environment of your psychology, creating interior design that is not subject to fashion trends and  conception of space.

• In full interaction with the basics and principles of architectural design we can create your personal interior and exterior vision, easily turning your feelings into interior design.

• Together we will create an interior design tailored entirely to your time, space and capabilities.

• Sit comfortably in your desires, let’s talk about interior design.  


IXDesign – B CREATIVE! We create:

  • Complete architectural solutions

  • Intuitive interior design

  • Interior and exterior projects

  • 3D visualizations in maximum resolution to capture even the smallest detail

  • 3D printing and prototyping

  • Project animations

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e-mail: info@ixdesignstudio.com

“Quality is the driving force and our desire to see the smiles of our customers after each completed object!” The

Dimitar Tsanev

“Quality is the driving force and our desire to see the smiles of our customers after each completed object!” Manager Dimitar Tsanev