IXDesign Studio is an interior design studio with a long history

Interior design studio IXDesign is more than a proposal for a complete concept for the interior and exterior space of your home or office. Because design for us is above all a philosophy and a way of life. Our interior designers have the knowledge and are at your disposal for all new trends in architecture, design, high technology, 3D and fashion highlights. But we have always believed that the success of IXDesign Studio at home and abroad is mainly due to our pursuit of bringing together styles, past and present, classic and contemporary, and turning them into art.


For us, residential interior design means, together with you, our partners, unlocking beauty, comfort and energy in your living space. We don’t have a general recipe for how to make this happen, because for each project the path is different and specific. However, we have common principles – of ethics, sustainability and intuition.


The principles that guide us in our work as an interior design studio:

What we offer?

the first interior design studio in Bulgaria to offer consumer financing with
consumer financing up toBGN 30,000 for individuals and up to BGN 50,000 for legal entities, approval up to 2 minutes! *

More than interior design of apartments

This is what IXDesign puts into the interior design of apartments:

If you are curious to see what tomorrow will look like in the field of apartment interior design, IXDesign Studio is here for you. If you want us to change the space around you, and thus your life, contact our team for an inspection. And even if you have very bold ideas for furnishing your apartment, share them with us. Because the brave are destined to succeed.

virtual design

Exterior design of houses - from Sofia to several continents

IXDesign Studio has a rich portfolio of realized projects for the exterior design of houses – in Sofia and the country, in a number of European countries and the Middle East. We cross borders of countries and the possible and the impossible, following the dreams and desires of our clients.

In the field of exterior design, we offer you:

Based on our many years of design experience, we have found that the path to realizing interior and exterior design projects is much easier and shorter for our clients if we offer a closed loop, i.e. from the idea to the finalized project. Thus, we save time and worries of our clients related to control of subcontractors, search and purchase of building materials, etc.

IXDesign – the first with a mobile application, through which you will be able to monitor the stage of your project!

Guide to creating a profile to track project status

IXDesign designs desires, completely.


• Imagine an interior design that exactly suits your creativity. You already have all our attention.

• The home will be a villa, the garage – a shop, the restaurant – an office. Or vice versa? We have the desired effect of the right interior design solutions. Specifically for you.

• Designing functionality in aesthetics, we will fit perfectly into the environment of your psychology, creating interior design that is not subject to fashion trends and  conception of space.

• In full interaction with the basics and principles of architectural design we can create your personal interior and exterior vision, easily turning your feelings into interior design.

• Together we will create an interior design tailored entirely to your time, space and capabilities.

• Sit comfortably in your desires, let’s talk about interior design.  


IXDesign – B CREATIVE! We create:

  • Complete architectural solutions

  • Intuitive interior design

  • Interior and exterior projects

  • 3D visualizations in maximum resolution to capture even the smallest detail

  • 3D printing and prototyping

  • Project animations

IXDesign presentation:


chosen projects

The author’s supervision during the development of a project means, in a general sense, all the necessary organizational and control activities in order to realize the project approved by the clients. Practically every detail of the drawings is agreed by a designer and an architect from the design studio, so that the construction and assembly works are carried out correctly and on time.

Author supervision requires not only the necessary qualifications, but also a sufficiently long experience. In this way, difficulties and unplanned situations arising in the work process can be resolved quickly and in the best way. Not everything can be predicted when it comes to complex construction activities and working with many subcontractors. That is why copyright supervision is necessary for the realization of any such project.

This activity also ensures that your project will be carried out within the framework of your pre-approved budget. That’s why IXDesign Studio is here with over two decades of design and author supervision experience.

The path from the idea of changing the interior or exterior space to the realization can be traveled with ease and pleasure if you go with a good partner. Our long-standing practice in the implementation of copyright supervision is a guarantee for our clients that we strictly keep our promises, because the most important condition for the implementation of any project is trust.

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“Quality is the driving force and our desire to see the smiles of our customers after each completed object!” The

Dimitar Tsanev

“Quality is the driving force and our desire to see the smiles of our customers after each completed object!” Manager Dimitar Tsanev